Well, busy times at the moment with exams coming up and some issues with the EDMC so required to spend too much time checking up on my model construction progress (anyone with a couple of metres of carbon?). Anyway once all my hard work is over one of the most amazing events is going to take place in Valencia (Spain), the 33rd America’s Cup…

The brilliant thing about it is the two machines racing each other (and the fact the two owners with too much money keep bickering about the details I will ignore…) come February. The most highly optimised racing multihulls will go head to head in what promises to be one of the most amazing matchracing events in the history of sailing from a design and technology standpoint and I’m really looking forward to it. As a taster, here is a video (of the Challenging team) of the launch of their vessel in VLC, the interviewee is Simeon Tienpont with whom I had the pleasure of racing a couple years back and he will be one of three Dutchmen on the boats next month: