With the deadline for my MEng thesis looming, not being able to do your work because the building with the only computers that have the software you need is closed could be perceived as a big problem. It still is but I battled through and instead had to enjoy the Solent for the first time in 2011 (which I did). Below is the press release of the Etchells fleet on the weekend’s racing (and for those who can’t be bothered: yes we won). More on the local fleet here.

Etchells Race Report:

Spring Series – Cowes Etchells Fleet – 2nd & 3rd April 2011

The fleet
enjoyed ideal sailing weather in the Solent for its first outing of the
year. It was a good shake down, and also
introduced some new sailors to the fleet .The fleet enjoyed 6 races: 2 long races
on Saturday, and 4 shorter ones on Sunday.

Sarah Ross on
loaner boat Palaver, having never
helmed an Etchells, accounted for herself very well grabbing a 2nd place in the
final of the 6 races. She said “the sailing was in lovely conditions, and
the Etchells maneuverability is astonishing, it will turn on a sixpence”.
Her husband Dave Ross called the tactics, and
the atmosphere on their boat was excellent and the crew were clearly exhilarated by the experience.

Alex Christie,
the previous owner of the ¼ tonner ASAP, sailed with Ian Law on Pale Tide and apparently commented on
how as bow man he enjoyed impersonating an Octopus, and is looking forward to
his next chance to sail after his wife gives birth due later this week.

Rob Goddard’s Ragtime and Rob Elliot’s Esprit tied for 2nd place overall. On
the count back it was almost impossible to separate them. They each had the same number of 1st
places, the same number of 2nd places; and finally, they had the
identical number of 3rd places.
Even after discard, they couldn’t be separated. So unusually the split came down to the
winner of the last race: Ragtime was
therefore promoted to 2nd place and Esprit relegated to 3rd.

The weekend’s
final 6th race was easily the most exciting as Rob Goddard put it “You could have thrown a rope around the top
four boats at the top mark – they were probably no more than two boat lengths
Rob Elliot added “at times it
felt more like match racing, we were all so close”

David Franks’ Elvis with Graham Sunderland and Luuk Le
Clercq are now leading the spring series by one point which concludes next
weekend 9th – 10th April

The Cowes
Corinthian Yacht Club organised first class racing, and provided some welcome
food and drink for the hungry sailors as they came off the water. Our thanks go to Andrew Millband, Race
Officer, and his team along with David Tillson and Pauline who saw to the hot