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Needed some distraction

Sailing Posted on Sat, January 16, 2010 21:13

Well, busy times at the moment with exams coming up and some issues with the EDMC so required to spend too much time checking up on my model construction progress (anyone with a couple of metres of carbon?). Anyway once all my hard work is over one of the most amazing events is going to take place in Valencia (Spain), the 33rd America’s Cup…

The brilliant thing about it is the two machines racing each other (and the fact the two owners with too much money keep bickering about the details I will ignore…) come February. The most highly optimised racing multihulls will go head to head in what promises to be one of the most amazing matchracing events in the history of sailing from a design and technology standpoint and I’m really looking forward to it. As a taster, here is a video (of the Challenging team) of the launch of their vessel in VLC, the interviewee is Simeon Tienpont with whom I had the pleasure of racing a couple years back and he will be one of three Dutchmen on the boats next month:

Great Service!

Sailing Posted on Thu, December 20, 2007 13:39

A big thank you to North Sails NL, for helping me fast and good when I had a small issue with some of my stuff. Good quality work, high quality service… Thanks!

For more info on North Sails NL:

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unashamed plug

Sailing Posted on Sun, November 18, 2007 16:01

After the events of this weekend I have to plug these two companies and they definitely deserve to be here in the sailing part of the website and not just the usual blog.

First of the two is Schickler Tagliapietra, a Holland based yacht engineering company. The firm formerly known as SYD-E is involved in yacht design as is currently involved in both racing and cruising designs varying from a mini 650 proto to the America’s Cup Class 90 footer and a 24ft lake sailor to large production cruising yachts. The firm got coverage in all the major magazines over the past year, with recognition from Seahorse Magazine for their ACC-design as the latest that I know of. More can be found at their website:

The second is Radical Marine. This company not only takes care of a lot of racing yachts around the Solent such as Sanguma (the Ker 31 I race on regularly these days), but also Formidable 3 (Lutra 56, from Dutch owner Piet Vroon). They not only can take care of the boat but will also look for crew and many other things involved in keep a yacht and possibly racing it. And if that wasn’t enough they also can provide coaching or even help you buy or sell a boat. Other than looking after Sanguma, two of the company also sail with us (and boy do I learn a lot every time I’m out with that boat!). Here their website:


Sailing Posted on Wed, May 30, 2007 08:49

Looks sweet, no?!

This is Mark Mills’ new 40ft IRC (and other rating rule) beater. To be build by King Marine (Argentine and Spain, known for building race yachts) and focused towards the American market. More info here:

EclectiC christened

Sailing Posted on Sun, March 25, 2007 19:17

Brand new Dehler 44SQ christened ‘EclectiC’

A brand new Dehler 44SQ has been christened in Port Zélande in the Netherlands two weeks before the first regatta appearance of the new model.

One of the first boats of Dehler’s new 44SQ was build to be the new EclectiC. After sailing and racing a Dehler 39, the EclectiC Sailing Team could replace the boat with a brand new model from the same yard. In an evening filling event both the boat and crew were presented to the public. The christening was part of an evening in spectacular fashion that only seems to be matched in the America’s Cup and other Grand Prix racing classes. For the team it are exciting days with the season opener only two weeks away.

Surrounded by smoke, light and sound the boat arose from the darkness of the night and in perfect harmony with the sound and lightshow the boat was moored in front of the audience. The christening-ceremony was executed by the wife of the owner, Mrs. Ditte Lockefeer. The champagne and speech were accompanied by fireworks and a separate screen showed footage of the boat sailing.

With the boat christened and safe the team responsible for the boat was presented by owner and skipper Koen Lockefeer. Maarten Voogd explained about the process of Dehler and the designers (Alexander Simonis and himself) in creating the first boat in a new line and new direction for the yard. The builders were presented and got the recognition they deserved for a job well done.

Last but not least the sailing crew was presented. The team is based on the crew of the former boat but after a pause there have been some changes. The team consists of a mix of experience and youth with the most striking name that of ABN AMRO 2 crew member Gerd-Jan Poortman. Poortman has a history with the team and will take on the roll of coach and tactician to further develop the team.

The EclectiC Sailing Team is the first team that has taken delivery of this new model and are preparing for the Spi Ouest in la Trinité sur Mer during Easter. This regatta promises to be a real spectacle with several new designs for the first time sailing against each other. The French Commodores Cup winners ‘Paprec Recyclage /Spirit of Malouen’ have a brand new Archambault 40 to replace their successful Synergia 40, both the new J-122 and the new X-41 OD are also present together with a large selection of proven IRC-performers.

After the season opener in France the schedule of the Eclectic Sailing Team consists of the following races:

– Van Uden Reco Stellendam Regatta

– ABN AMRO North Sea Regatta, EclectiC will compete in the full event

– Skandia Cowes Week

– Rolex Fastnet Regatta

– Dutch National Offshore Championships

More information on the EclectiC Sailing Team can be found at:

Eclectic Team

Sailing Posted on Thu, March 15, 2007 09:31

Check this promo:


ps. I tried to insert the flash thinghy right here, but this script won’t let me…

Boot Porn

Sailing Posted on Wed, January 24, 2007 11:46

Visiting Boot Düsseldorf resulted in photos of the Maxi Dolphin 33, the Brenta 30 and the Brenta 38 some serious daysailing boat porn…

Here’s a gallery:

The first three are from the Brenta 30, the following 4 are of the Brenta 38 and the last two are of the MD 33

As always you can mail me for the original files (larger, no watermark).



Final Day, one last race

Sailing Posted on Fri, January 19, 2007 13:40

SA is live again

Several classes have been decided, which left them a bit of room for a great night yesterday…

Alinghy has won the Farr 40 class with one race to go (and no exclusion possible). The Mumm 30 also has no exclusion and still could see Mean Machine take the overall victory.
Esmeralda (CS 42) has won IRC3 with one race to go (and possibility of an exclusion), with the French Sinergia an almost certain 2nd. IRC 1 and 2 still have quite a day to cope with, nothing is certain in these classes.

To see for yourself, click here. Around 17.00 GMT I expect the first results to pop up…



Sailing Posted on Thu, January 18, 2007 12:07

Dispite the fact that IE7 doesn’t co-operate with my view of how the coding should be displayed, another update on Key West Race Week…

SA is already running the ‘day 4-thread‘ as before click to get the latest info.

One Design (Farr 40, Mumm 30): Faults made the racing much closer in both classes. And We’re just past the halfway mark. Another interesting couple of races coming up here.
IRC 1: Again very close at the top. It seems mister Coutts has got the Swedish team going. Best Swan 601 in class (and it is a sub-class)
IRC 2: Tied for first place, can it get any closer? Another day should prove the ability of Magic Glove in slightly stronger conditions…
IRC 3: The CS42 is slightly ahead of the French Sinergia 40… It’s going to be tight there.
– And still the other classes haven’t been able to get my attention…

For the latest videos and photos, I have updated the list from the 3rd-day-post:

Video by (Should open in Quicktime):
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Link to videos by (take-outs and interviews)

Tim Wilkes
gallery #1
Washburn, RC
Sjambok KWRW2007 gallery

Maybe I’ll just start a new part with all photos and video links, but that’s something for the future. I’m gonna do some work for uni and get my room tidied up a bit. Enjoy another day of KWRW.



KWRW Day Three

Sailing Posted on Wed, January 17, 2007 13:16

So yesterday I just edited the link to the “as it happens”-commentary on Sailing Anarchy. Today I wanted to share my view…

For News and updates as it happens, click here
(Powered by Sailing Anarchy and it’s forum members)

First of all, what an amzing thing that everyone is able to follow what happens out on the courses. Mark-roundings, photos and more delivered as it happens. During the Volvo Ocean Race in Rotterdam I sort of did the same, but only written updates and not half as much people following it. The extend of the coverage and the fact that a lot of SA-ers are involved make for some spectecular event on the interweb.

Then on to the sailing part:

IRC 1: Big boats, not really got my attention. 4 Swan 601‘s competing with some other big boats. Russell Couts (one of the best in the world) is calling tactics on a Swedish Swan, but only managed to get 1 great result out of 4 races.
IRC 2: Some great (semi-)custom yachts compete here. The Irish ‘Magic Glove‘ has got three bullets and a sixth and sits right behind the TP52 ‘Windquest’ (four 2’s). The new Rogers 46 ‘Yeoman‘ doesn’t seem to be on the pace yet, but as this is the first outing of the yacht I think she will get up to speed. The R/P IRC-45 ‘Sjambok‘ looks as if she needs some breeze to perform to her rating (which seems logical as a offshore-round the cans compromise).
IRC 3: The French Sinergia 40 is currently sitting in second place, right behind the brand new CS 42 ‘Esmeralda’ (only hull number 2 and already right on the pace, or so it seems). The CS42 seems to outperform the Swan 45 OD not only under IRC, but also on the water (elapsed time).
Click here for the results of the IRC-fleet.

Farr 40: Some fierce competition with one team excelling. Alinghi has build a substancial lead over the rest of the fleet, but the competition is tough and the regatta all but over. The yachts may have become a bit outdated, but the new masthead chutes and the competition makes for an appealing class.
Mumm 30: Dutchman Peter de Ridder and Mean Machine are sitting in fourth place, but the week is long and the differences small. The fleet isn’t that big, but the competition is fierce.
Click here for all the results of the Farr40, Melges32 and Mumm30 fleet.

That leaves PHRF racing and the other od-classes. I’ve got no connection to those, but for results, here and here.

– Official KWRW-photos can be found here (Tim Wilkes)
Sally Collison has made some photos, but they’re not yet uploaded (available through
Personal Gallery #1

Day 1
Day 2

For News and updates as it happens, click here
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