Dispite the fact that IE7 doesn’t co-operate with my view of how the coding should be displayed, another update on Key West Race Week…

SA is already running the ‘day 4-thread‘ as before click to get the latest info.

One Design (Farr 40, Mumm 30): Faults made the racing much closer in both classes. And We’re just past the halfway mark. Another interesting couple of races coming up here.
IRC 1: Again very close at the top. It seems mister Coutts has got the Swedish team going. Best Swan 601 in class (and it is a sub-class)
IRC 2: Tied for first place, can it get any closer? Another day should prove the ability of Magic Glove in slightly stronger conditions…
IRC 3: The CS42 is slightly ahead of the French Sinergia 40… It’s going to be tight there.
– And still the other classes haven’t been able to get my attention…

For the latest videos and photos, I have updated the list from the 3rd-day-post:

Video by Jobsonsailing.com (Should open in Quicktime):
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Link to videos by jobsonsailing.com (take-outs and interviews)

Tim Wilkes
gallery #1
Washburn, RC
Sjambok KWRW2007 gallery

Maybe I’ll just start a new part with all photos and video links, but that’s something for the future. I’m gonna do some work for uni and get my room tidied up a bit. Enjoy another day of KWRW.