So yesterday I just edited the link to the “as it happens”-commentary on Sailing Anarchy. Today I wanted to share my view…

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First of all, what an amzing thing that everyone is able to follow what happens out on the courses. Mark-roundings, photos and more delivered as it happens. During the Volvo Ocean Race in Rotterdam I sort of did the same, but only written updates and not half as much people following it. The extend of the coverage and the fact that a lot of SA-ers are involved make for some spectecular event on the interweb.

Then on to the sailing part:

IRC 1: Big boats, not really got my attention. 4 Swan 601‘s competing with some other big boats. Russell Couts (one of the best in the world) is calling tactics on a Swedish Swan, but only managed to get 1 great result out of 4 races.
IRC 2: Some great (semi-)custom yachts compete here. The Irish ‘Magic Glove‘ has got three bullets and a sixth and sits right behind the TP52 ‘Windquest’ (four 2’s). The new Rogers 46 ‘Yeoman‘ doesn’t seem to be on the pace yet, but as this is the first outing of the yacht I think she will get up to speed. The R/P IRC-45 ‘Sjambok‘ looks as if she needs some breeze to perform to her rating (which seems logical as a offshore-round the cans compromise).
IRC 3: The French Sinergia 40 is currently sitting in second place, right behind the brand new CS 42 ‘Esmeralda’ (only hull number 2 and already right on the pace, or so it seems). The CS42 seems to outperform the Swan 45 OD not only under IRC, but also on the water (elapsed time).
Click here for the results of the IRC-fleet.

Farr 40: Some fierce competition with one team excelling. Alinghi has build a substancial lead over the rest of the fleet, but the competition is tough and the regatta all but over. The yachts may have become a bit outdated, but the new masthead chutes and the competition makes for an appealing class.
Mumm 30: Dutchman Peter de Ridder and Mean Machine are sitting in fourth place, but the week is long and the differences small. The fleet isn’t that big, but the competition is fierce.
Click here for all the results of the Farr40, Melges32 and Mumm30 fleet.

That leaves PHRF racing and the other od-classes. I’ve got no connection to those, but for results, here and here.

– Official KWRW-photos can be found here (Tim Wilkes)
Sally Collison has made some photos, but they’re not yet uploaded (available through
Personal Gallery #1

Day 1
Day 2

For News and updates as it happens, click here
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