Well, if you know me, you’d know I am just a little fascinated by boats, especially if they get their speed from sails. So I present you with a little boat porn:

The New Sjambok (IRC 45 racer, Reichel-Pugh design) the third boat I know of after an 1D48 (bloody fast at last years North Sea Regatta) and a TP52 just had her first race and it’s looking fabulous! Here’s a link to her hauling ass downwind from Fort Lauderdale to Key West in preparation of Key West Race Week (large file).

And here is a nice pick of the boat (from the Hakes Marine Site):
Blog Image

Then there is the new TH38, the Team Heiner 38.
Design: Juan Alfabet
Builder: Schaap Shipcare
Development: The team behind Team ABN AMRO

We’re talking about a 38 foot, cantingkeel turbo’d raceyacht. Impressive looks, electronic power for the retractable prop and the canting keel system, carbon build and a canard that goes the opposite way of the keel. First auting: Cowes Week 2007.

Some pics (from their site):
Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image

Now, where did I leave my lottery ticket?