Couldn’t let this get by unnoticed. You probably know I’ve been involved with the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race (otherwise, visit my portfolio for the published articles written on the race). After the victory of ABN AMRO I attended their celebration in Amsterdam and as a result wrote that I didn’t see them return for the next edition. I was right, but I certainly did not see the current Dutch entry coming. I can’t say I’m well informed and part of the circuit so I guess that’s nothing to be ashamed off.

But the Mean Machine Team announced their participation early on and is now the first team on the water. The Volvo-site has a piece of video online (click to open), it again shows off the VO70.

Well they got my interest!

Here’s a pic of Mean Machine XX (formerly Pirates o/t Caribbean), it’s courtesy of Sally Collison:

Blog Image

More info at the Team website: MEAN MACHINE

Respect to Peter de Ridder for getting ahead of the game!