so whilst in Cloggieland I got invited to go sailing on probably one of the all-time greatest sailing yacht designs:
– Big enough to be a real boat
– Strong enough to sail 200+nm offshores in the Atlantic
– Small enough to behave like a large dinghy
– Technical enough require a great understanding of what you’re doing

Famously known for some remarkable performances and the fact they are the class for the Tour de Voile (although their final year) it is a very technical, tactical boat that compliments the really good sailor and rewards a well practiced team…

….. and then I joined them for a days’sailing in absolutely brilliant conditions: Sun, flat water, 16-18kts of breeze.

What a pleasure!

Thank you very much mister Farr and the people at Mumm, it is the type of boat that brings a smile to your face and that with a normal spinnaker pole and none of that sprit-stuff. Go the Mumm30, I say!

Anyway, the guys I was out with are the Delft Challenge team and they are in preparation for another TdF with their trusty boat under the guidance of Skipper Bert (Schandevyl, the first Belgian in the 18ft Skiff league and the only Belgian to have won a race in the JJ Giltinan).

(Mumms in Action [perhaps turn of your sound], it’s an old promo-film of the Delft Challenge Team)

Anyway, I think they still could do with a bit of support and they have plenty to offer on top of advertising space so have a look at their website>

Other than that I’ve been keeping busy with trying to get the final report of my bachelor research project finished (first draught is in but needs serious work as you would expect) and figuring out what to pu in the paper. The brochure for INNOV’SAIL keeps getting updated with new events surrounding the conference but the presentation schedule is still the same. More info here.

Heading back to Soton soon, but seen many friends: Life isn’t half bad, not bad at all…