I’m sure it’s the temperature that’s giving me the chills and not the deadlines piling up (and time running out)…

But no stress just yet, I even thought I should go sailing on Sunday. Wrong on two accounts:
1st – It was horrible weather with hail and nasty temperatures, real weather to move to the library (as I’m now) and get stuck in…
2nd – The squalls were pretty damn impressive with proper 45-ish knot gusts (that’s a force 10) and at the colder temperatures the air is denser so for the same speed the breeze is more powerful (Force is a function of velocity and mass, ie. density).

Anyway, we dropped the boat off in one piece, I didn’t go swimming (just), we had a brilliant lay-line to the Pier View and by 15.00hrs I was back behind the screen and writing reports again. Not all bad if I say so myself.

So what’s in store the coming 11 days..? Marine Hydrodynamics (Advanced fluids, naval architects only stuff…), a finished Concept Design for a sheep carrier operating in the North of Scotland, my interim report of my Bachelor research project and an abstract on that to complete the story. Basically it has taken a while before Ship Science started to feel like I remembered it but now it is just like in the olden days!

However far more important things took place over the weekend: France lost massively to the All Blacks (thanks Sis for the flag), the Aussies showed a lovely running game of ball against the Welsh and…

Slightly delayed my cousin has finally managed to get his groundbreaking book published and out in the real world. Many congratulations to him (and his perseverance!) and best of luck with this and all new projects!


Take care,