Well, it are busy times even with the pressing stuff out of the way. Had a lovely weekend in London, followed by a lovely weekend in Holland and the upcoming weekend of library (and possibly a bit of sailing on Sunday) before a couple of days of industry related time in Amsterdam (and a weekend to relax from that in the Netherlands as well).

So the renderings as provided below have had hardly any modifications before being submitted to the University of Southampton’s Engineering Department Manufacturing Centre and they have promised to have my 1.8m model ready at the start of the new year (2010). This has released a lot of my project pressure and means that till Christmas I have only writing left to do. Though not a task to be underestimated it does help to be slightly more relaxed with regards to the project.

This does not mean however that there isn’t anything to worry about (well I suppose I could better say that I need to keep track of…) as the first coursework assignments of the year have arrived as well as the deadline nearing for Marine Craft Concept Design and the fact that as a group project we depend on each other to actually produce something useful…

Weekend wise, the trips away from home (Soton) have not really interfered with Uni though next week’s trip might result in a couple of late nighters. But on the bright side of things it has kept life in perspective and spending time with friends and family have been really nice and relaxing.

All in all life is pretty good and at the moment the continuous downpour and early darkness are but small spoils.