Ahh, how I missed normal life… You know those days where you think you are slacking when you ‘only’ get to uni at 10 and leave before 6 at night. Basically it is good to be back!

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s going on this first semester:

* Individual Project – Bachelor Research Project and you can find more on that under ‘projects’

* Marine Craft Concept Design – A group design project where we are designing a concept for a replacement vessel for a ferry in the Shetlands. We’ve interviewed the captain, been given the wish-list and now it’s our turn to produce a viable and usable design

* Plate Structures – How strong has that plate got to be to keep the boat from crumbling…

* Marine Hydrodynamics – basically learning how to do CFD without a computer

* Manufacturing with Metals – third attempt at being thought how to design for the manufacturing of items that only mech-engs are interested in…

* High Performance Craft – It has taken 2 years but finally we are looking at boats with sails…

Anyway, deadlines are looming again and weekends are spent on campus: Life is back to normal, and I love it!