Monday morning and the start of Week 2, Part III. For me the proper kick-off to the third year here in Southampton and having talked to the firends on my course it will be the first week where actually something will have to be done. I’m looking forward to it with my third year project and the group concept design assignment both being something special and interesting as well as most other modules now looking into the useful stuff instead of being the basics.

The weekend was filled with following the races I wasn’t able to see from on the water in Palma though and from here again a big thank you to the crew of Henri Lloyd – Weapon of Choice for being such a great bunch of people and allowing me to learn heaps from all of them. Congratulations to them aas well for sailing into 2nd during the coastal just before it got abandonned and getting the best results of the week on the final day (showing time in the boat is very, very important). Obviously I am still very envious I had to miss out on the weekend and last nights’ antics but you can’t have it all. Some promises have been made and I look forward to following up on those.

Well… a new notepad ready to go and my calendar sorted so it’s time to go and get started with lectures, meetings and design work.

Life is pretty damn good (it does help I’m starting to acclimatise again and the sun is out)…