yes, the inaugural Bendytoy First 40.7 Europeans were held this weekend in the Solent. All very official with EUROSAF present and boats representing different countries. Well, when I write representing I mean that a number of boats had 1 (yes, one) national on board of the country they had chosen to represent. However I was not there to make us a Dutch entry, just sailing as England (impressively England, Scotland and Wales could be represented separately when under ISAF we’d all been Great Britain).

Anyhow, 9 boats present (plus 4 corporate charters racing for something else but using the same line and course) and very challenging conditions throughout the weekend. Here is not the place nor the time to comment on the proceedings so I will leave it at that. In the end we were a bit unlucky the SI’s were lacking a hard cut-off time (using the word ‘aiming’ for last finish time instead of ‘no racing shall be started after…’) so that we finished on equal points but ending up third on the last race’s result count back. Then again those are the rules and finishing first was never going to happen so on the podium was a pretty good result for this team I think.

Anyhow next up is another weekend of Farr45, racing with Atomic this weekend and after the weekend it is also almost time to get back to lectures as fresher’s week kicks off. A couple of short and intensive races run by the experienced guys of the Royal Thames YC should see plenty of action as long as today’s forecast for the weekend doesn’t hold. Having said that, a weekend of bobbing around in no breeze but bright sunshine is quite nice as well…