that is what the weather people are telling us here but the weekend was again very nice and being out on the water on Sunday was no punishment whatsoever. It was about a year ago I had gone out with my good friend Fred (who’s now married…) and his dad on the Daring. In much milder conditions and with a bit of sunshine, the horrible memories of being bruised and battered have become less pressing on the Daring’s legacy… Having said that the boats are still unbelievably soaking wet and admittedly the racing was not all that good (no gybe required on a W-L course…) but being able to enjoy the weather made up for it all.

Other than that life is still pretty quiet around here with most students still out and about so I have been properly nerdy in reading through articles and other literature on my third year project in an effort to finish my hull design relatively quickly in my quest to come up with a Savitsky-like method for predicting the performance of a yacht’s hull. But with the weather people wring and the sun still out I think I might just go and enjoy that a bit more while it lasts.