Also known as the South Coast Championships for the Etchells Class seemed the right event to try out Etchells sailing (which is where you can find some really, really good guys and I mean really, really good) with 3 novices to the boat. Thank God the boat is easy to sail and a quarter of a turn on anything doesn’t influence the performance, oh wait even a fraction of a millimeter here or there off immediately shows in the relative perormance of the boat, rather impressive to be honest. The first day was absolutely brilliant, enough breeze and great weather, just a pleasure and best of all the novices did not make a complete fool of themselves!

Tomorrow the second and final day and it should be hopefully just as nice with perhaps some better results (more than 1 boat behind us in more than 1 race…) but if not the weather and people are great so no complaining there.

On a small side-note (and truth be told I haven’t been in contact with the sponsor about this yet due to timedifferences and everything…) the second year is officially finished, passed and behind me so on to year 3 and with that the second half. First thought the second day in the Etchells and I’m still not sure why I agreed to sail one of these, one should definitely be a good sailor not just a good crew on a big boat…

Life’s awesome, ciao!