Well I have seen the forecast and the weekend looks worse in Soton so it’s almost time to head back. Tomorrow I’ll set off for Dunkerque to see the fleet of Mumm30’s roaring to do a lap of France and then onwards to good ‘ol Soton.

Dutchland has treated me very nicely again, even after six-and-a-bit months, with great weather (temperatures and conditions that make it almost summer!) and meeting up with even greater people again. I would almost go as far as saying that because of that I’m planning on more time here this summer (but there are other reasons as well). It all kicked-off with an amazing wedding, followed by a lovely day of relaxing at the kaag. Monday was a day of kris-krossing through The Hague for Lunch, Tea and Dinner. spaced out well enough to catch up properly, have a laugh, enjoy the weather and be on the receiving end of banter. Today was a quick visit to friends at Delft Uni (but exams got a bit in the way of that…) and another lunch for more cathcing up. It seems there is still a lot of opportunity at the WWW and I’ll probably do a plug as soon as it’s all live…

Too many people in too short a time so next time round I’ll be planning ahead a bit more and hopefully catch up with all of you who were too busy these past couple of days. I’ll promise to get in touch before I’m around next time… Unfortunately I’ll be missing a friends wedding which is back in Holland whilst I’d be stuck in the UK but I’m sure they’ll manage a great party even without me.