It’s been almost a week but I feel Weybiza is now just a good memory (ie. no physical effects anymore). The weekend of sailing (Farr45 Nationals) was challenging (2 very light and a light breeze day) and the competition on and off the water was friendly but also very fierce…

As far as results go… well race 1 resulted in a second and in the final race we managed a win, the 7 inbetween are well and truly forgotten… Not the consistency required to get a good overall result but the port-tack start to cross the fleet and take the bullit made more than up for it (not least the child-like cheering from the back of the bus).

Having said that, the last week has been a bit quiet, some research for my 3rd year project and only a couple of housemates still left haven’t fuelled the excitement. A couple of days in the flatlands could well change that and tomorrow I’ll be flying out to good ‘ol Dutchland for not least a wedding as well as a little visit to some friends I haven’t seen in well over half a year.

Should all be good fun and driving back up to Soton I’m planning on a pit-stop in Dunkerque to say hi to some of my friends who are about to start this year’s Tour de France a la Voile (ie. sailing around France in a Mumm30).

Leaves me to wish everyone here in the UK a safe, fast and fun trip around the Island, it’s only 1700-something boats and no Alex Thompson/Ben Ainsley/Lewis Hamilton to create carnage on the line this year…
(HB’s bowsprit after the little starting accident; Photo © Steve Arkley /

Holland here I come!