meant a weekend off of sailing for me and thus a trip to a friend’s (and former neighbour’s) wedding somewhere in the western part of England. this also meant I’d be meeting up with the parents for the first time in 6 months.

Because of this and them flying back to NL from soton it turned in a mini-vacation with the two of them starting with the aforementioned wedding. Let’s just say that for a wedding that wasn’t supposed to be much like a ‘real’ wedding it was a great ceremony and a great celebration of the occasion. I am just not sure what part of it was not ‘like a real wedding’…
Again Ruth and Andy, many congratulations (and thanks for having me there at such late notice).

After the events on Saturday the parents and I drove down (with a stop at Poole to see something on the way back to soton) we stopped at the New Forest for the night. The weather not fully cooperating (and not prepared for such an occasion) the visit was limited to the cream tea, a visit to the pub next door and a small bite though I think the cottage itself was already brilliant enough for the two of them to have an awesome time (with the 4’6″ doors etc.).

On Monday I showed them round Hamble, Uni, my current and future house and we had some lunch at Ocean Village before we parted again. All in all a pretty damn fine weekend even if it was a bit more damp than expected and hoped for. However it’s time to get back to uni-work now.