Right, so it’s bank-holiday-weekend which should mean time off, enjoying the weather doing the barbeque-thing etcetera etcetera. Although I can’t completely claim to have done none of those things I am 100% sure it’s not a holiday weekend for me.

As the end of term is in just a couple of weeks the amount of coursework and the deadlines that go with them seems to be ever increasing and although I have not spend all my time in the library (I did get lured into some F45 sailing on Werewolf) getting the earliest lift back possible from Hamble has meant that Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and basically the rest of the time for the upcoming 2-3 weeks will be spend in some way shape or form working through journals, articals, regulations, problems and combining that all into a multitude of hours behind a computer screen to deliver some results. Main focus is at new and advanced ship production technologies at the moment but my ship design is not getting ignored and with four exams as well attention is being spread. But hey we’re getting there and I can see the sun shining from were I’m working (and taking a break now).

I’ll do a quick run of sailing for those interested. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve done some different sailing in the weekends. The Red Funnel Easter Challenge I did back of the bus kinda stuff for the MAT12 of the Dutch ‘Foxy Sailing Team’, with a bullit (1st) in the opening race and 3rd in class after 3 days of sailing in very light conditions. This was followed by a day on a Farr45 of the first weekend of the Royal Thames thing. Last weekend I sailed on a First 40.7 (in semi one-design) with a good friend of mine and posted some nice results even if at times it was very challenging with quite a few new sailors around me and challenging conditions. This weekend was the 2nd and final weekend of the Royal Thames thing for Farr45’s and I got asked to do bow on Werewolf. After a great Saturday run (1,3,1,2) a protest of the first weekend was lost and on Sunday (today) things just did not go the team’s way and that was a bit of a shame. But looking on the bright side I did manage to get outside (and catch some sun) and with the efficient race management I got home both days around 4 so with enough time to actually do some work.

That’s it for now, back to work (which is actually quite interesting if it wasn’t for the deadline pressure).