That was interesting…

and not being sarcastic here.

If there was a downside to the days of presentations it has to have been the fact that the depth of some of the papers was a bit above me but the set-up was such that there was enough time to ask the “dumb”-questions in private during the breaks.

And it wasn’t just good business (or education for that matter) but Genoa (Genova, depending on spelling) with plenty to see and enjoy in this old city. We were lucky enough to have a fellow student from the city leading the way and we got to enjoy some typical Italian lifestyle (free bites with our Morettis). The city’s superyacht dock was interesting to see as at the early time of year meant that the boats were receiving maintenance and thus diplayed some form of life.

So learned a lot and got to meet some very interesting people whilst having a good time.

Yeah, life’s good (and over 3 hours of delay on the way back didn’t spoil it)