Yep another couple of weeks “off” which means the end of the year is also nearing and that’s scary as there’s still quit a bit of work to do. This also means that this “spring break” has been mostly filled with doing the tedious jobs for a couple of assignments etcetera so that near the end of the semester can be focused on exams instead of assignments.

The biggest bummer at the moment is the weather forecast for my little trip to Italy this week… heavy showers all week and about exactly the same temperature as right here in the UK. I guess the very busy (indoor-)schedule should be able to dampen the impact of the poor prediction but it just sounds wrong for a holiday destination such as Italy.

Other than all that there’s obviously sailing (or lack there-off) and the (I think I’m right in saying) usual big talk and false promises that go with the Solent pre-season. It would be quite funny to hear people talk themselves and their programs up and making all these promises about events, spending and the future if it wasn’t sad due to the lack of honesty.

Good thing it’s just a hobby…