Nerdie stuff

So it’s all sorted (I think, fingers crossed and all); flight, hotel and registration done so now just some waiting left. What it is? I’m going to Genoa (Italy) in just under a months’ time to attend a conference on boats. Organised by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects there’ll be 2 long days of knowledge sharing and I guess other than some interesting topics covered it will be a good way of learning more about the business.

But because of the flights and just general program there should be some time to see a bit of the old town (don’t forget that the “Spanish” Columbus set out from his home-port of Genoa when he was lloking for India and found America) and take in some of the local culture…

Day-to-day life is going pretty well, mostly calculations at the moment and after a brief attempt of the spring we’re back to rain (and worse) in the next couple of days. Doesn’t really matter though, life’s good!