Food seems to be a bit of a theme going on but today was “Pancake-day” and the first time I celebrated it properly (as I missed out last year).

Basically it follows from the whole 40 days before Easter no eating thing from Christianity but I cannot remember from bible lessons this custom. Then again there’s no carnival to be had here (which I think has more or less the same goal).

Anyway it follows from the tradition of finishing the winter rations (of flour, egg etcetera) and is the last time of enjoying the good life before Easter (starting Ash-Wednesday) but as it goes has taken on an entirely unrelated role for most people. I can see why you would go for the pancakes though, I feel like I don’t need to have another meal for the next 40-odd days.

As far as normal service is concerned: Did the boat-visit last week and it was great (will put a link up to some photos tomorrow). Also looked at a classic S&S Swan 44 for a friend’s parents (not my cup of tea but some lovely stuff going on), celebrated a birthday of a German on the island (very much fun) and spend hours reading through literature in search of answers of prying questions on ship building.

Life ain’t too bad…