The classic English Sunday Roast is perhaps one of the best things from the English cuisine and culture. Whereas in some cases it is very comparable to Sunday dinner with the parents back in NL with the big difference that the institution here allows the freedom of picking your own group of people. And patting the English on the back here I must admit that they also seem to have realized that vegetables are much nicer when they are not boiled at the same time as the spuds and the roast.

Anyway having had a very challenging roast today (it had been too long ago so the sheer size of dinner was the challenging bit) and now back in Scumpton it is also a time to have a look in the near future. Uni is almost back up to it’s good old self with a number of assignments underway with the General Arrangement of my general purpose cargo vessel being the most interesting at the moment. The great thing is the fact that a lot of the stuff is becoming very tangible and has to be applied straight away in ship related projects. This is even further backed up by the guest lectures and field trips. I get to visit one of the ugliest types of floating things later this week when a visit is planned to a car carrier… But having said that it will also be a showcase of applications of what’s been taught and at the same time showing the vast scale of what more is involved between the basics and the finished and active product.

So it’s back to 60-ish hour workweeks (which is not a complaint since it is actually good fun to figure ships out) and unfortunately less time for fun stuff in the weekends. Having said that, the 6 Nations hasn’t been too much fun with the poor performance of the English and thus the watching very quickly turns a day into something completely different and un-planned…

Life is good and the weather (although very much still English) is actually starting to show signs of springiness.


ps. Red and Laura again a very big thank you for the beautiful roast and hospitality