As the time is coming neigh for those in OZ and kiwi-land:

Merry New Year!
(or in other words: all the best for 2009; great health, great wisdom, good winds, great friends and just plain good times!)

Taking on a more selfish point of view, ’09 promises to be another challenging year with several design to be produced (and the inclusive non-existing nights to make the deadlines). As more people will be finding out they cannot afford to play the game at the level they wanted I am not quite sure what will happen sailing wise but having said that the planning is to do less sailing and more engineering related stuff throughout the ’09 summer.

Anyway, I hope all stay safe also in the new year and we can stay in touch and will see the credit-crunch be used to solve non-issues between people/nations/religions/states/etc. That religions can agree to disagree, that environmental-terrorists get realistic and realise the long-term benifits of electric cars are more pollution to the envirionment and that the economy failure (or the believe that bankers are honest) will have people be more down-to-earth, tollerant, thankful for all we still have (your probably part of the lucky half of this worlds population) and just a bit more relativation in everyday life.

Life is still great (and could be awesome in a few days time if I can get some skates on and do some skating on real ice whilst here in NL for the first time in over a decade! see also this on the “elfstedentocht” this means the whole of the Netherlands travels to the North to stand in the freezing could for an entire day with warm drinks and bites to cheer on the lucky few who are allowed to participate in what the late Steve Fosset had called the biggest he still wanted to do after doing all the sailing/flying/ballooning)

//–>Got my fingers crossed to be able to present you a film in a while of gliding across the frozen waterways of NL before I’m back in Soton, it is just unexplainable the feeling it gives you…

Back to today (and NYE), stay safe and have fun all: See you in 2009!