It are busy times around here with the Christmas break only two weeks away… Sinterklaas has not even passed but everything is already fully focused on the big fat red dude (crazy people those English to paraphrase the great Obelix).

Anyway this means on the bright side that the number of deadlines becomes less and less each day (or every two days) and it also means that Christmas parties and dinners are filling the nights. But that’s not what I wanted to discuss (and what the title’s about)…

The interweb is a great place and today was another day with proof of the lack of boundaries on this place. For an assignment wee have to do some shopping online: a 8000BHP diesel engine.
And yes you can find them online… But as they’re not that cheap I’ll spend some time checking out E-Bay and the likes to see if I can find a nice second hand one for less.

Time now for some socializing and so I’m off.