Apologies for the lack of updates, especially compared to
the same time last year but that’s what happens when it is quite busy (and that
actually is an understatement). I wish I could say it is busy with social
things, sailing, exploring etcetera but it unfortunately for all of you it is
just uni-stuff and thus getting stuck in and doing it all. It has been a
combination of maths, laboratories, Finite Element Analysis (and comparable
computer stuff) and second year boaty studies. The result (and I’m not complaining)
is that the camera is lying around unused, my photos on the wall hold no
secrets and the virtual VOR is running in the background next to a simple

Tonight however is a bit different as I don’t have any pressing deadlines and
therefore I have taken the night off to catch up on all less pressing
things and what happens is that I decided to look back (and it isn’t even the
end of the year yet when one would usually do that). Anyway I’ve been here now
for 14 months or so and on the one hand it doesn’t feel that long at all whilst
on the other hand I can’t believe it has only been just over a year. Yes you
should take that as a positive thing: time has flown (always happens if it’s
fun, right?!) but I also feel perfectly at home (and that has nothing to do
with being away from horrible people in the flatland: promise!) for which I
have to thank the people here and back in the flatland (staying in touch very

You can’t imagine where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been (must
have been said by a very smart person before) so leading onwards from looking
back I’m also planning ahead and that is much harder. The story about multiple
roads and Rome seems still to hold merit but to use the analogy from the
VOR-website (thank you Mark Chisnell) I am looking if I can find the highway
(or at the very least a dual carriage way) instead of a b-road that visits all
the outskirts first. What I’m talking about is placements and the UK South
Coast is literally spoiled for choice (well maybe not choice but options none
the least) with designers, builders, engineers and suppliers. Thus in between
deadlines for marks I try to juggle with getting that organised even though it
is more than half a year away; You gotta give ’em a chance to acknowledge my suitability,

It was a bit early due to a certain German who had plans to invade the
Flatlands this morning so I’m off but will try to keep you all more updated.

Life’s pretty good,