It has been three weeks since the last update but life hasn’t been quiet since then. It has been filled with mostly work but some fun stuff has managed to fight it’s way through as well. I just finished and handed in the last of a first pile of assignments and with that a very nice weekend ahead even when it wouldn’t have included a trip to the Flatland.

In the past three weeks I had a great night when Fred and Laura celebrated their engagement. I also had a great night when the Baltic Sprint Cup crew was invited by the owner of the boat to his vineyard and we had some time to catch up with each other.

Sailing wise I got the opportunity to race a Farr40 last weekend. Sailing in the role of tactician the team managed to get the best result so far with the boat racing under IRC. It was great to be able to get out there and pay a little contribution to the program.

Looking ahead I will be flying to the Flatland after lectures tomorrow to meet up with a bunch of the people I lived with in Delft. Also on the agenda for the weekend are a visit to my cousin who got a baby daughter a couple of weeks back as well as celebrating my grandma’s birthday. Should be really good fun and also an opportunity to recharge some batteries for the work that will start presenting itself after the weekend.

Life’s good…