It’s Sunday after a very relaxing week where I could help out getting a Class40 back into decent shape (when it was dry) there is not much on the agenda right now and so it is a waiting game now. And what am I waiting for?
Well there is still plenty of sailing going on before Uni starts again and there might be a possibility I’ll be involved with some of that so I am waiting for news on that.
Then there is obviously the start of a new year at Uni (still a good 3 weeks away).
Also summer, been waiting for that one here in the UK for quite some time now but haven’t lost hope.
And so I could continue… But in the mean time some of my housemates have started to return to Soton and thus there is some life back home. This also means things are starting to get sorted and stuff like internet, TV, power, gas and the rest are being sorted.

So not much news from here, I won’t bother you with my training schedule I’ve set up (out of boredom) or start complaining about things (because there is nothing I could complain about). The future looks bright I just wish it would arrive a bit sooner.