10 days in and the end of the Flatland-holiday-break is almost there. I must admit that it has been really nice to have so little to do each day, it really was a holiday without complaining about the past weeks (or months even). August isn’t over and there’s still some regattas that are waiting to kick off.

First there is the Breskens Sailing Weekend, three days of sailing on the Westerschelde in Holland where my former team will be present after missing out on all the action since the victory of the North Sea Regatta: http://sailing.eclectic.nl Also present is Seawolf2 with whom I had the pleasure of training two days in the Solent a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the guys from ROARK (with whom I was victorious in the Rolex Commodores’ Cup) have to miss out on the event due to a collision during Cowes Week, it’s even more of a shame as the team could have secured the year-trophee at the event. The event has grown significantly in the past couple of years and will probably see the strongest line-up of Dutch and Belgian big boats of the season (maybe second to the NSR).

Then there is Dartmouth Week (where I’ll be spending my time)… I’ve got no idea what to expect: an unknown venue, fairly unknown team and most of all the first outing for a boat that was a casualty to Ben Ainsly, Alex Tompson and Lewis Hamilton racing together and needed some serious repairs. However there should be plenty of sisterships around and the level racing should be good fun. As far as the venue goes, it has been promised to be good fun by someone who should be in the know (and if not I’ll be very anoying).

Life’s still pretty damn good!