With Cowes week over it was time to go home and start unpacking… finally

Getting all my stuff sorted in the new room, get the photos of all you guys back up on the wall and then a phone call asking if I wanted to go sailing on Sunday and Monday to help get a team up to speed with their new boat. Well it was quite a nice invitation from Jochem and I needed to speak to him anyway so why not.

It then turns out it’s the Lutra42 and I also get to sit at the back of the boat. On Sunday conditions weren’t all that nice, 30-odd knots and the tide running with the breeze to the east. With a reef and C4 up we tried our hand at going to windward but soon it was decided to change the C4 for a fractional spinnaker and off we went!

After everyone settled down we were flying down the Solent at a fairly steady 20-21 knots with the top speed at a reasonable 24 knots and it never really felt as if the boat was out of control. The beat back up the Solent wasn’t that exciting but did show the boat is not just a downwind flyer. Afterwards I talked to some guys who went for a practice on board a TP52 (so 10ft bigger) and they topped out that day at around 20 knots on the downwind leg. Very impressive. On Monday we managed to get some more manoeuvres in as the wind was down to 20-ish knots and the boat still felt nice and fast.
I sincerely hope the boat manages to perform well under IRC as it is so much more fun to sail and so much more rewarding and to be fair how many boats are actually used for going out with the family… As far as the corporate side of things, taking people out on a race boat is much more interesting for them!

Anyhow if all goes well you should be able to see a video from Sunday’s session right here: