Didn’t have the time nor the opportunity earlier to actually update the blog-thingy so in small pieces, here goes:

After spending just enough time in the UK to do a tiny bit of laundry and have a fun night in Hamble it was off to Lithuania and what an interesting place that is. It wasn’t until I arrived at the marine I actually saw something that didn’t look to be build in the past two years. It all looks and feels very new and I can’t say I liked it all that much. However meeting up with the team was a great pleasure and the opportunity of more sailing with some great guys (and girls) was not one to let go by. From Lithuania the course took us to Poland and then on to Denmark. The crew worked very well together and they managed to get and keep us in the right positions during the offshores (the inshore we found out had to be our discard and the result showed…). Again a big thank you from here to the entire crew throughout the two weeks with a special mention to our skipper Mike Castania.

I’ve got a bunch of photos but I haven’t had the time to sort them and there are some more on the way so when all that is sorted I’ll put them up as well.

More on the way,

ps. We did actually win the event with a 1-2-2-1 score. And a cheecky preview of the unsorted and unedited photos can be found if you look for it here.