Hi Everyone, just a quick update from Ireland. After a uneventful but not very pleasant delivery last week from Hamble to Cork (or Crosshaven to be exact) I am racing on board Tiamat (brand new Mills43 have a look at http://www.mills-design.com). We’re doing not too bad (3 seconds and 2nd in class as well) with three days left. There are plenty of nice photos about (some can be found here: http://www.photoaction.com/fcw08/fcw08.htm and the search function works really nicely).

The regatta itself is good fun with a different type of race each day and some very, very nice hardware to look at and study (taking notes for next years courses on ship design). Weatherwise we don’t have much to complain about either with the best weather usually in the morning and afternoon when not on the water.

At the same time the world famous KaagWeek regatta is taking place, another fun regatta which I am unfortunately missing this year. However my parents are there and enjoying the fun (even partaking). More info -> http://www.kwvdekaag.nl/RS/Freepage/Freepage.aspx?name=Kaagweek

Anyway I’m off and I might just not do an update till after I’ve returned from the Baltic Sprint Cup. This for me starts on Saturday and I step of theboat after the first leg into Sweden. I’ll be racing on board Danebury a Rogers 46.

Anyhow enjoy the summer (I am)!