After two great (fun) weekends of sailing the schedule is looking slightly different. The end of the year is closing in and that means revision-time. I really needed to get started on revisions since most of the time has been taken by all the coursework this second semester. To be honest, the subjects aren’t that interesting, especially after the design module this semester. However if the module has taught me one thing, it is that the courses are a vital part of a good design.

But it wouldn’t be me if I did not paid a bit of attention to what’s going on sailing wise… Last weekend the Irish IRC-nationals were held. As I explained it was also the start of my revision period and though I would have loved to compete together with a couple of guys I sailed with earlier this year (and will be sailing with throughout the season) I could not have missed the time revising.

Then there is the upcoming weekend and it is the Scottish Series. From what I’ve heard a great regatta in a brilliant place. Sanguma is being towed there as I’m writing this and so are a large number of yachts from Ireland, France and the UK in their build up to the Commodores’ Cup. Chris invited me to come along with Sanguma and yesterday I got a call asking if I could do the event. It would have been great if I could sail the regatta as quite a few of my friends are down there this weekend but on the bright side I have almost finished the first year and I will have plenty of time to do some sailing over the summer.

So congratulations to Jump Juice (shared first at Irish IRC’s with Tom and Jochem on board) and good luck to them this weekend in Scotland.

To Chris, Fred, Laura, Pete, Jack and the rest of the Sanguma crew also the best of luck for the weekend!

I’ll shut my mouth and continue here in the library.