First of all I’d like to thank everyone for al the nice messages on Monday (and from some on Tuesday), made the 24th one a bit more special than anticipated. Celebrating the whole birthday thing was good fun on the day before as well and I got spoiled beyond expectations.

Anyhow Monday I did fly back to Soton after the sunny North Sea Race with the Eclectic Team and it was straight back to work. There is plenty going on as the academic year is coming to an end and all deadlines are pushed into the last two weeks of lectures. Hard work, but from what I can see now I am managing it all. And that’s a good thing since I’m lucky enough to do some more sailing this upcoming weekend.

As I’ve written before here, I’m joining the English X-35 ‘Cool Runnings’ for three days of NSR (North Sea Regatta, Scheveningen NL). When visiting Cowes earlier in the year I managed to get a pic of the boat, just so you guys know:

Blog Image

I really am looking forward to joining the team for the weekend and work towards a good result. But then again it feels like the past and upcoming weeks are going from high to high. The year is nearing it’s end and with the amount of work that has to be done I look forward to some time off even though I’m also already really looking forward to continuing in the autumn. First though it is a week and a half of hard work on assignments and everything and then two and a half weeks of exams.

Hard work, but I’m enjoying all of it!