Interesting boats those Farr45’s. Everything seems well thought through (lay-out and everything) but after all those years they’re not perfect yet. As for Atomic this weekend:

Saturday was horrible, wet and cold (just terrible weather) and some issues with the gear made for little nice sailing and a decent amount of work. However the crew was pretty star studded with Hugh Styles (Olympic sailor) and Graham Sunderland (winning tides) calling the shots. What surprised me is that still there is the search for good rig settings, the development clearly hasn’t stopped.

Sunday, today, was better since everything worked ok and the weather cooperated with the occasional sunshine! The starts were challenging as today saw all the big boats start together and with a short line made for tense moments and tight manouvres. It showed the crew-boat combo had some catching up to do compared to the other boats but that was in the details. No issues, no breakages and no f*ck-ups combined with nice conditions made for a good Sunday out.

It was early this morning and there’s a busy week ahead, so…