Already one week has passed after returning to Uni from the spring break. This leaves only a couple of weeks filled with assignments, labs and reports before exams and summer. On the other hand there’s the weekend awaiting and it should be good fun (again). This weekend is the second weekend of the big boat series and it’ll be Atomic’s first outing of the season. Chris (the skipper from Sanguma) will be racing on her as well and it promises to be a nice weekend albeit a bit chilly and wet.

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a collection of photos of Atomic last year.

As for the rest of the world, well I’d like to wish Eclectic all the best this weekend with their season opener at Stellendam. I’ve had great fun with the team last year and I do hope they can do well this year! The regatta website can be found here, the team’s website is here.

After this weekend it’s back to hard work with two more deadlines for coursework next week. One can’t comlain when life’s good, right? So I’ll just say it keeps me busy…

It’s still good fun and I might be making a surprise appearance somewhere soon…

That’s it for now… Ciao!