Last time I updated is some time ago and a lot has happened. I’m sorry to disappoint you all but there are not a lot of photo’s from it all because I was busy with paying attention and what not.

In chronological order it started more than a week ago with the Petit Bateau Solo racing festival. A fairly long day with a huge variety of speakers. Some more interesting than others in my opinion but then again I was there primarily to enjoy the technical aspect of solo (and short-handed) sailing. The yachtdesigners and builders gave a very interesting insight into their work and thinking and I like to think I learnt quite a lot. Hearing the sailors talk about what to do with those designs only increased my respect for them. The event was very well organised and it was a joy to have been part of it.

The next day was the kick-off of the Raymarine Warsash Spring Series. Quite a decent breeze (20 knots or there about). A bit of a warm-up before the Red Funnel and Yachting Nationals for me personally. Sanguma was performing great, we were at the front of our class and it looked as if a top finish was on it’s way… Unfortunately the mainsheet brace on the boom parted and the mainsheet rocketed forward making the mainsail hard to control and with that the boat. A Chinese jibe later and we had to retire. Well you never win the practice race, right?

Sunday night was the start of a few days of student sailing. A big gathering of yachting hopefuls in Port Solent (Portsmouth) on the sunsail caravans set the tone; fun on shore but tight racing on the water. For me it was the first time racing a roller furler and the first time sailing with everyone of the crew. However everyone had the same issue of having to deal with the furler and the crew was a great bunch of guys. Racing started on Monday with a practise and two real races. We could have done with a bit more practise races because our results were a 20th and 16th in 32 boat fleet… Not something to be happy with. That all changed on Tuesday when we sailed a 4th, a 2nd and a bullet. Our top-5 finish goal became a possibility. With that in mind and the cookery bet for Wednesdays long race we gave it our best shot. A visit to all parts of the fleet (front, middle and back of the pack) resulted in a 5th across the line and a victory with our Roast Chicken Dinner. The final two races on Thursday and the discard we were allowed saw us finish 5th overall behind Solent 1 and 2 (congratulations on the victory there guys) and Southampton 1.

After all this it was straight on to the Red Funnel but that one deserves a post of it’s own…