With one packed week left before the end of term, one can’t help but look ahead a bit. First to start of with the week itself, well there are three deadlines plus the usual large number of lectures, classes and labs. The deadlines are for a lab-report on boundary layers, a report on hydrostatic calculations for a vessel (including GZ and of course damage stability) and some more coursework for fluid mechanics. This is not too bad and is certainly interesting, but the fact that one of the years main events of the ship faculty is amidst all this requires some tight planning.

Talking about that main event, Tuesday should be a great night out: A black-tie dinner with academic staff and students at the Royal Southampton. Based on the stories told the past few weeks a recipe for success. And after all this?

Well Friday will not only be the end of the week, it will also be the end of term (and as such followed by spring break). With term finishing it also promises to be the kick-off for 2008’s big boat sailing season. Unfortunately my ride for the early part of the season has been sold… However this means I can do some more sailing with the great crew on board Sanguma, the lovely Ker31. That is something to look forward to!

Oh yeah the weather the past weeks has been incredible here on the south coast, but tonight a very low pressure system is rolling in and a lot of rain and high winds are expected throughout tonight and tomorrow. Good thing I’m having a long day inside tomorrow… That’s it for now,