..I’ll have done my first two exams here in Soton.

And that then just leaves three more.

I have finished all the coursework for the first semester and from what I can tell it has all been pretty good. This should help during this time of revisions and it actually does seem to do that, scary…
In the mean time the days are long and intense, but the daily schedule has become a routine and as a result the long hours are not that much of a problem. However I still can’t see how someone could survive and actually needs to be kicked out of the library at 2 in the morning but it happens. Then again I tend to be here shortly after it opens so I guess that explains.

Distraction wise it is a poor showing; the weather is horrible (there are floods throughout this country, luckily my place is near the top of the hill) and no racing (to participate in nor spend too much time following). Student life seems to have come to some sort of stop as well and thus it’s just eating, sleeping, studying and relaxing by reading “The Undutchables”.

I’m going to start my final stint for today, so I’m off.