A week has almost gone since I returned home. Southampton has done England proud with mostly rain the past week. Quite windy as well and with the temperature around 10 degrees just not that interesting. It was however great to see everyone again (even though some of them only arrived halfway through this week) and hear all the stories.

University life itself has changed a lot for many people over the break, going out every night just isn’t possible with the exams looming. For “us Shippys” this means that our regular schedule now has to be combined with revisions and as a result is the library starting to fill quite nicely with classmates. Talking about the library, since exams are coming up it doesn’t close at midnight during the week (as is usual during term and then 7 days a week) but at 2am. So the midnight break is looking interesting.

Personally I am confident, but realistic for the coming three weeks. My schedule/planning is tight but keeps the goals realistic, coursework is on schedule and the work I have to do is pretty well organised. The fact that IT-wise everything should be back to normal from tomorrow makes the last parts of the coursework that is due pretty easy. And I do not need not having a computer as a reason to head down to the library, so that should be no problem.

In the mean time I’m absolutely amazed by what Francis Joyon is showing. At the moment he is the second fastest boat to have been sailing around the world. Faster than fully crewed Maxi-Cats! That is just amazing… So my daily routine now includes visiting these links:
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That’s it for now, I need to finish some work and well, my planning doesn’t allow for more of this useless stuff.


Ps. The cold I got when my break started is almost completely gone after a week’s hard work…