Friday morning I’ll be heading home, back to Southampton. I really am looking forward to seeing everybody there and as a result won’t be wishing all you lot a happy new year from this spot.

With the IT services offline in Southampton, it is the perfect time for finishing some work that is due next week and for which I do not rely on the IT infrastructure of the university. Tomorrow is also the kick-off for not just revision but getting deep in to the material for the exams coming up later this month. That is all for after I have done some shopping and I actually have some food again and maybe a trip to the gym to get rid of the three weeks of easy living at my parents’ place.

I had a great time visiting and talking with everyone here in Dutchland (as the Brits still like to call it at Uni), but not knowing when I’ll be around again made it all the more enjoyable!


Ps. I think the comment function is not working properly, so you will have to send an e-mail or text. You know the address/number.