Time to wish everybody a very very good start to 2008!

2007 was a great year! The first half of the year was maybe a bit tougher but the second half made more than up for that. The new people I met, the people that I had met and kept in contact with, all my old and new friends I spent such great times with and of course the start of the new adventure in Southampton.

It is going to be hard to beat ’07, but looking forward into ’08 it looks very promising indeed:
– Getting deeper into the study-material
– Exploring the British Isles with all my new friends
– Sailing a lot on hopefully a variety of locations and boats
– Meeting more new people
And that’s just a start! Really promising and really challenging. So even though it is a shame the lovely yeaar 2007 ends, with a year as promising as 2008 waiting there is no time to waste.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the great year 2007 was and I will do all I can to make everyones 2008 just a bit better than 2007!

For 2008 Love Life and enjoy every second of it!