As promised a more substantial update during this vacation:

So the last week had two major deadlines, normal course work, lectures and two christmas dinners. So when on Friday afternoon all was done…The light went out. But not for long since I had agreed to grab a burger (one last bad meal before getting stuffed with healthier food at the parents’) which resulted in going to the pub. Not a great idea though and it didn’t take long to realise that my bed was the best place to go…

Saturday saw the arrival of my dad and a good friend, which gave me the oppurtunity to actually see things in and around town I hadn’t taken the time for yet. The city centre, Ocean Village, the Maritime Museum were all part of our half day-Saturday. I couldn’t do a tour of Southampton without Uni or my place, but the men were tired because of their Jet-Lag (obviousily) and after a nice pub meal it was an early night.

Sunday we went to the IoW quite early and it was really nice seeing much more of the island then just Cowes and it’s marina’s. We obviousily had to visit Cowes, but also said hi to the Needles, drove along the western coasts of the Island, stopped at the most southern point and had a lovely, sunny day (albeit frosty). We enjoyed lunch at the islands’ best pub of the past couple of years and on the ferry back into town we could wave goodbye to both QE2 and Aurora whom both were leaving port.

Photos from Cowes, The Needles and St. Catherines Point

Monday we did some window shopping in Hamble, looking at all the yachts on the hard before getting back to the airport for our flight to NL. Whilst it was really sunny in the morning, the afternoon was cloudy and it really looked as if the nice weather had dissappeared when we handed in the rental. A great weekend!