Multiple yeah smiley

So on Monday I handed in my TP52-paper and all lecturers started to finish for the end of term (Christmas break)… Anyway, no Christmas without dinner and no English Christmas without big bird. So my housemates had put the bird in the oven long before I ended my day and arriving home was lovely!

The bird had been getting perfect for some hours, the stuffing was ready to be cooked, the potatoes were waiting eagerly their turn in the oven and the mulled wine was ready to be heated. The evening started with a visit to the pub around the corner for a game of pool and some British Ales. Coming back home dinner was almost ready and the fun continued.

The turkey was lovely, the atmosphere great and the visit to Jack’s afterwards was good fun. It happened, here are the pics:
Blog ImageBeing Dutch… So I had to wear some proper footwearBlog ImageThe dinner tableBlog ImageEnjoying the food
Blog ImageNow… what to drink?Blog ImageG8 at Jack’s (in the front from left to right: Neil, Oli and Ed)

As I said, multiple dinners, so in short about the second one this week: With the same group as we went with to London some weeks back we decided that we had to do something special together and a Christmas dinner it was. Staged at G8, Italian-style food (note, it wasn’t really Italian) and again a lovely night. No photos of that yet, haven’t brought along a camera and I haven’t received the photos from dinner so they’ll show up asap.

One day left before the end of term and I really am exhausted and look forward to some off-time. It is SO much fun my course, but the 200% commitment that I am putting into it is not really sustainable for 12 weeks at a time… I have a great weekend planned here in Soton (and nearby areas) and although it is really good fun over here also look forward going to NL on Monday for two and a half weeks.