You know the song ( is what was playing in my head this morning. Another tiring week has past, but I’m still enjoying myself over here so I am not complaining in any way. The London-trip just piled up the amount of work that had to be done during the week. And so today I am in the library with the goal of making sure I have less work to do during the upcoming week.

So what’s up? Not much, tomorrow I’ll be out on the water again (and I can say with a big smile again with Sanguma), this afternoon I’ll be joining the Italians when they will be watching Italy vs. Scotland and afterwards there is supposedly something of a party somewhere where we are all going to… Should be fun and what I’ve heard about the last Euro-qualifiers from Holland I’m not going to miss much by not seeing the game tonight.

And I got my first taste of proper Italian cooking (and especially the way you have dinner) yesterday. Got invited by one of my Italian friends (the only female one though smiley ) and had a simple, but lovely and very enjoyable meal. Pasta to start with, a bit of salad and a lovely roasted chicken, I was a happy man.

Not much more to say right now, I’m trying to find the correct version of the song…
In the mean time (because I didn’t put a photo up before) this is the boat I’m learning lot’s again and enjoying myself on:
Blog Image

And I know I promised something about the London-photos, but I haven’t downloaded them yet… When I have, I’ll add a couple to the London story.