Just back from a very long day of London and good times once more.

As always the plan wasn’t final until Thursday or so, but it sounded like good fun and a great bunch of people was coming along. So Friday afternoon and the train in to London. A place in a hostel had been arranged (near South Kensington, on Queensgate) and the plans were almost none-existent! So we dropped our gear and went on our way to visit some of the locations on the list of one of our friends for whom it was the first visit to England’s Capital.

When the waiting for our fifth person of the group (can you imagine going with a group of Italians and you have to wait for the one American?!) was starting to take very long we found a nice place in Chinatown for dinner. The combination late start and British closing times resulted in a decent but in no way extravagant night on the town and as a result Saturday morning wasn’t that hard on everyone.

After breakfast we visited an impressive list of “must-see” sights, including Tate modern (interesting exhibition in the main hall), St. Paul’s, House of Parliament, Buckingham, Hyde Park and Oxford Street in Christmas lights. luckily for us the trip home wasn’t as easy and took twice as long due to maintenance… But hey, good times!

Tomorrow an early start, need to get the 7.45hr ferry to Cowes for a double race-day in the winter series. I’ll be out on the Ker 31 Sanguma again and looking forward to it! (prediction as it stands at 22.45hr local time: cloudy, 12-ish degrees and around 20 knots of breeze-decreasing during the day)

Anyhow, it’s going to be an early night and as soon as I get some photos I’ll put them online… It’s just that I’m dependent on others.


Some photos from the trip: