But now I actually am online from home which is nice after 10 days. I needed to go to the library for internet, but with the amount of work I have to do during the week that couldn’t even result in more studying.

Anyway, the week itself wasn’t all that interesting. Just a lot of work and mostly pretty boring stuff. But that all changed Friday when I came across one of my American friends (Myles)…
He invited me along to IoW (Isle of Wight) to go to a talk by Sir Robin Knox Johnston, have some drinks and just see where things end. They had arranged for a place to stay and we just were to meet each other at 3-ish.

So after drawing lessons I packed my toothbrush and met up with the group. We went down to Cowes and when we arrived Tim called the guy he had made arrangements with and guess what: same guy that arranged for the housing this summer with Team Eclectic. So we met up at the same place and we dropped our stuff before going to the Yacht Haven.

RKJ was an impressive combination of an old-fashioned British Yachtsmen and a temporary ocean racer. Very well aware of the situation today and not avers to it, but with a hang towards old style and flair. After the talk we met up with another Ship Science grad-student (and a Cowes-native) for a small beer. But we had plans and decided to go back to our place for the night.

With supplies waiting and chilled Jenga was introduced to get some extra fun and laughter going. With the biggest tower I have ever seen (all layers except for the top two consisted of either one or two required stones) it really became hilarious. Unfortunately the week had left some marks and I fell asleep quite early, but slept great after that.

Today (Saturday) we wandered around the Cowes High Street before I took the fast ferry home to So’ton. Tomorrow should be a fun day, breeze and racing on a Ker 31 (one-off). A couple of my friends however had a slightly less nice day today… In the prestart to one of the races of the Big Boat Series a Ker 11.3 (Moonraker) ducked too late and couldn’t avoid one of the Farr 40’s (Farrfalina) resulting in serious damage for both parties involved. Always a shame when two boats collide.

Than there is of course the coming week. Standard day on Monday, another long day on Tuesday (with my fourth Maths test and hopefully I’ll pass this one as well). Wednesday should be okay, Thursday starts with a three hour lab and there is a party in the evening for some people and I’m invited too. Friday is all about drawing lessons again and directly after that of course departure for Holland! Looking forward to that, mostly because of the lovely schedule!