Tomorrow I finally get to start taking lectures here at Southampton Uni, 9am start, continue till ’bout 6 so it’s a proper start as well.

The weekend first:
Saturday I went with Pietro (Italian, first year Ship Science) and Olivier (French, Master Ship Science) to Hamble for a practice session with a first 40.7. It was ok, the team is still getting shape and a large part of the crew is still learning heaps everytime they go out. I was there just for the weekend and together with the other two foreigners we had quite a bit of fun. After practice we arrived just in time back in So’ton for the French match against the Kiwi’s so it was all good.

On Sunday we were supposed to be doing the first race of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series ( but the breeze never showed up and as a result we were home early. Next week I’m phoping to be racing the whole weekend with the big boat series at Hamble as well, but confirmation still hasn’t come through. I did see however the Dehler 34 #2 in racing trim present and the new X34, so it would have been nice to see how both boats would compare to each other. Furthermore, the HYS dry storage is very very impressive: DK46’s, Rogers’46’s, Swan 45’s, Farr 45’s, Cookson 50, Ker 50 (Snow Lion) and many many more top condition racing boats present…Nice!

Anyway, tomorrow should be a fun day and well as always I’ll keep everyone updated.