Freshers’ Week is almost over and well… It’s difficult to compare to the OWee in Delft. Far less active during the daytime and in the evening is with respect to the usual British times…

Today was the first event with the Ship Science undergrad group. We’re a group of 38 this year to start with, several Italians, Spanish and Portuguese make up the group of international full program students. I also received the final schedule for the coming semester. The first week is very ship sciency, with a contest between the lab-groups in building a model boat.

From week two the real lectures start with on Monday and Thursday lectures and lab-work from 9-18, Wednesday is from 9-13, Thursday 9-16 and Friday 9-14. Quite a busy schedule, but all in all the week should consist of 40 hours of work anyway.

The house is still great, So’ton a nice place and the weather continues to be un-British like.